In our offices we’re working day by day to make sure that integrating with Apisearch is easy. So easy.

You will find a list of Apisearch integrations developed by us.

PHP Client

Javascript Client

Symfony bundle


We encourage you to develop your own extensions for Apisearch. Make sure you understand how our API Works by reading our Client Reference and in case you develop something related to the project, please, send us an email to to make sure you have the needed support and our help.

We have a very clear policy about supported plugins. If you want to develop a third party plugin, and we consider that the code quality is enough to be official, then we will offer you part of the benefits earned from these extensions. So if you’re considering one of these scenarios, please, contact us as soon as possible.

Here you have our integrations roadmap. This is only a guide and is not ordered by importance. That may have some changes in the future, and as long as they are implemented, will be added in the integrations list and properly documented.

  • Python client
  • Java client
  • Go client
  • Node client
  • Prestashop plugin
  • Magento plugin
  • WooCommerce plugin
  • Shopify plugin
  • Laravel plugin
  • Drupal plugin

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