In this chapter we will talk about the Apisearch console. Each server instance will provide you a set of console commands to manage your server. As it is in Symfony, all commands must be executed in the root of the project by using the provided console bin file

php bin/console apisearch-server:add-token xxx

Each command need some optional and required arguments and options, so in this chapter we will check how to use each of them.

php bin/console

apisearch-server:add-token               Add a token
apisearch-server:check-health            Check health
apisearch-server:check-index             Checks an index
apisearch-server:clean-environment       Clean the environment before server stops
apisearch-server:configure-environment   Configure the environment before server run
apisearch-server:configure-index         Configure an index
apisearch-server:create-index            Create an index
apisearch-server:delete-all-tokens       Delete all tokens
apisearch-server:delete-index            Delete an index
apisearch-server:delete-token            Delete a token
apisearch-server:export-index            Export your index items in a portable file
apisearch-server:generate-basic-tokens   Generate a basic tokens ring
apisearch-server:generate-crontab        Create crontab file
apisearch-server:import-index            Import items from a file to your index
apisearch-server:pause-consumers         Schedule pause on all required consumers
apisearch-server:print-indices           Print all indices
apisearch-server:print-tokens            Print all tokens of an app-id
apisearch-server:query                   Query an index
apisearch-server:resume-consumers        Schedule resume on all required consumers
apisearch-server:server-configuration    Print server configuration

In this documentation, and in all the examples for commands in console, we will use “marvel” as the app UID and “comics” as the index UID. In order to increase the quality of the security, we encourage you to use UUID values for these assignations.

Create Index

Creates a new index by defining an app-id and an index id. If the index exists, the command will not override the existing one (see Configure Index) and will throw an error.

php bin/console apisearch-server:create-index marvel comics

You can configure the new index with a small set of options.

  • –language - Define an specific language for the index. This option will force the index to adopt a set of small optimizations for index and search items
  • –no-store-searchable-metadata - The searchable metadata will not be stored in the index. If this option is enabled, index exporting will not work as expected
  • –synonym - Add a synonym in your index.
  • –synonyms-file - Define a file where synonyms are defined, instead of defining one by one
  • –shards - Number of shards your index should have
  • –replicas - Number of replicas your index should have
php bin/console apisearch-server:create-index marvel comics \
    --language=es \
    --no-store-searchable-metadata \
    --synonym=land,country,homeland \
    --synonym-file=synonyms.txt \
    --shards=5 \

Configure Index

Once an index is already created, you cannot create it again, but you can configure it. Because you could have many items already inserted in your index, because some configuration elements need the index to be stopped, and because our index should never be stopped in production, this action will recreate the index in parallel with new changes meanwhile the current one is live.

New actions will be stopped only if asynchronous feature for writes is enabled, so after the new copy of the index is already created with the new configuration, paused consumers will be resumed again, and all actions will affect the new index.

The old one will be deleted.

This action is interesting if you want to regularly reset the segments of the search engine. Segments can increment so much the physical size of the index by keeping old segments in memory. This action creates a new one from the scratch with only the current data.

The arguments and options are exactly the same than the previous command Create Index. If the index does not exist, the command will throw an error.

php bin/console apisearch-server:configure-index marvel comics \
    --language=es \
    --no-store-searchable-metadata \
    --synonym=land,country,homeland \
    --synonym-file=synonyms.txt \
    --shards=5 \

Check Index

Checks if an index exists.

php bin/console apisearch-server:check-index marvel comics

Export Index

Given an existing index, export all the data in a single file. This file will be importable with using Import Index, being this resulting file something manipulable and editable by a single text editor. If the index does not exist, an error will be thrown.

php bin/console apisearch-server:export-index marvel comics myfile.txt

Import Index

Imports an index, if exists, with an existing formatted file. This file can easily be created exporting the same index with Export Index. Importing a file into a non existing index would throw an error, having the same result importing a non existing file.

php bin/console apisearch-server:import-index marvel comics myfile.txt

You can print all the existing indices given an app. An index, by definition, can have multiple fields (built dynamically) and some associated metadata, provided by the installed plugins. All this information is optional, by can easily be printed as well.

php bin/console apisearch-server:print-indices marvel

[Get indices] App ID: media
| UUID   | App ID | Doc Count | Size   | Ok? | shards | replicas |
| comics | marvel | 11343     | 26.6mb | Yes | 1      | 0        |

And printing the files

php bin/console apisearch-server:print-indices marvel --with-fields

[Get indices] App ID: marvel
| UUID   | App ID | Doc Count | Size   | Ok? | shards | replicas | Fields                              | Allocated | Doc_deleted |
| comics | marvel | 11343     | 26.6mb | Yes | 1      | 0        | coordinate: geo_point               | 1         | 0           |
|        |        |           |        |     |        |          | exact_matching_metadata: keyword    |           |             |
|        |        |           |        |     |        |          | indexed_metadata.year: keyword      |           |             |
|        |        |           |        |     |        |          | metadata.title: text                |           |             |
|        |        |           |        |     |        |          | searchable_metadata.title: text     |           |             |
|        |        |           |        |     |        |          | suggest: completion                 |           |             |
|        |        |           |        |     |        |          | keyword                    |           |             |
|        |        |           |        |     |        |          | uuid.type: keyword                  |           |             |

Delete Index

Deletes an existing index if exists. If not exists, throws error.

php bin/console apisearch-server:delete-index marvel comics

Add Token

Adds a new token for an index. This token can be manually defined or automatically generated by the command. There is a required argument which is the app-id, and an optional token value. If this token is defined, then will be used as the token value to upsert. Otherwise, a random UUID value will be generated and used for you.

As part of the token definition, you can limit the indices where this token will be valid (all for empty), the endpoints that will allow permissions (all for empty), the plugins that will use once is used (all for empty), and the TTL.

php bin/console apisearch-server:add-token marvel 1234-5678-9100 --index=comics

The new token will be stored only if the server has a storage plugin enabled. Otherwise, this action will not have any effect.

Generate Basic Tokens

A regular Apisearch environment, by default, would need 3 different tokens. The first one, an admin token, specific for adding other tokens, creating and deleting indices and everything related to the administration of your data. The second one, a read-only token, with a very restricted set of actions, like make queries. The third one, a token with only one goal: send user interactions to the server from the browser. The first one should never be public, and the other two are specifically designed to be public.

After you create a new index, you can generate all these tokens with a single command. Random tokens will be generated with the proper rights and will be sent to the server.

php bin/console apisearch-server:generate-basic-tokens marvel

[Create basic tokens] App ID: media
[Create basic tokens] Token with UUID 6ed35deb-fb82-4af6-83d3-17db37624cf0 generated for admin
[Create basic tokens] Token with UUID 9dfc1d21-4e31-422a-9247-6e99ab7d90df generated for query only
[Create basic tokens] Token with UUID d08146b2-310b-4d86-9c24-20005ff3999e generated for interaction
[Create basic tokens] Tokens created properly

You can delete or update this tokens after this command, so these generated tokens are considered dynamic, and only will be really stored if your server has enabled a storage plugin.

You can print all generated tokens given an app. In this command, each token will be decorated with the configured permissions, the plugins that uses each one, and the TTL.

php bin/console apisearch-server:print-tokens marvel

| UUID | Indices | endpoints                      | plugins | ttl |
| xxx  |         |                                |         | 0   |
| xxx  |         | v1_query, v1_query_all_indices |         | 60  |
| xxx  |         | ping, check_health             |         | 0   |

This command will print both static and dynamic tokens.

Delete Token

You can delete a token. If the app or the token defined does not exist, an error will be thrown. If the token is a dynamic one, this token will be deleted. If the token is a static one (defined by configuration), then this action will have not effects.

php bin/console apisearch-server:delete-token marvel 1234-5678-9100

Delete all Tokens

Given an app, you can delete all tokens. Only dynamic tokens will be deleted.

php bin/console apisearch-server:delete-all-tokens marvel


You can make a simple query given an app and an index. This is a basic reduction of what queries can be, but in order to make the command simple and completely secondary, only the size and the page are enabled for configuration.

php bin/console apisearch-server:query marvel comics

[Query index] App ID: marvel
[Query index] Index UUID: comics
[Query / Page / Size] * / 1 / 10
[Number of resources in index] 11343
[Number of hits] 11343

[x] nation_x:_x-factor_vol_1_1~book - /wiki/Nation_X:_X-Factor_Vol_1_1
[x] new_mutants_vol_3_9~book - /wiki/New_Mutants_Vol_3_9
[x] siege_vol_1_1~book - /wiki/Siege_Vol_1_1
[x] marvel_boy:_the_uranian_vol_1_1~book - /wiki/Marvel_Boy:_The_Uranian_Vol_1_1
[x] spider-man_noir:_eyes_without_a_face_vol_1_2~book - /wiki/Spider-Man_Noir:_Eyes_Without_A_Face_Vol_1_2
[x] cable_vol_2_22~book - /wiki/Cable_Vol_2_22
[x] deadpool_team-up_vol_1_897~book - /wiki/Deadpool_Team-Up_Vol_1_897
[x] siege:_embedded_vol_1_1~book - /wiki/Siege:_Embedded_Vol_1_1
[x] daffodil_vol_1_1~book - /wiki/Daffodil_Vol_1_1
[x] deadpool:_merc_with_a_mouth_vol_1_9~book - /wiki/Deadpool:_Merc_with_a_Mouth_Vol_1_9

You can define the page and the size of the result if you want to.

php bin/console apisearch-server:query marvel comics \
    --size=5 \

Check Health

Checking the health of your server could be very useful when deploying it in your infrastructure. You can have the same information as an HTTP entrypoint, but by using this command you can have the same information (for example the enabled plugins given a configuration and a set of environment variables) by using this console command.

php bin/console apisearch-server:check-health

[Memory Used] 12171992
[Plugins] elastica
[Elasticsearch] green

Server Configuration

Print the entire server configuration, including the environment values, the server values and the loaded plugins. Very useful for logging when deploying and facing some issues.

php bin/console apisearch-server:server-configuration

Pause Consumers

Send an signal to all running consumers so, after the current job, should turn paused. Will stay paused until receives a new signal for be resumed. You can define what type of consumers do you want to pause with the option --type, allowing multiple values (none is all).

php bin/console apisearch-server:pause-consumers --type=command --type=domain-event

Resume Consumers

Send a signal to all paused consumers so they can be resumed. You can define what type of consumers do you want to pause with the option --type, allowing multiple values (none is all).

php bin/console apisearch-server:resume-consumers --type=command --type=domain-event

Generate Crontab

Generates a new crontab configuration given the enabled plugins. That means that, by default, this crontab will be empty, but if you install a plugin that creates some kind of periodic action based on crontab engine, the plugin itself will build this lines when running this command.

php bin/console apisearch-server:generate-crontab

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