App Repository

The app repository is going to allow you to manipulate apps, indices and tokens in a very simple and intuitive way.

All repository implementations, before being used, need your API secret in order to make sure you’re using the right repository.

$repository = //

Let’s take a look at all our repository interfaces


This is the main implementation of this repository, ready for production purposes and defined for pointing to our main servers.

In order to make it work, you’ll need a HTTPClient implementation. In that case, and because your usage will be maily for production, you can use the GuzzleClient implementation.

$repository = new HttpAppRepository(
    new GuzzleClient('')


Only for development and testing purposes. Not all endpoints are available, and not all features can be done by using a simple in-memory array, so you’ll be able to index, delete, reset and perform basic queries (remember, in memory, this means that between requests, this won’t work at all).

$repository = new InMemoryAppRepository();


Only for development and testing purposes. Same than InMemoryRepository, but in this case, each time the repository is modified, the results are saved into disk. Useful for apisearch server instances that, willing to work with the data stored in memory, are volatile. After reloading, data will still be there.

$repository = new DiskAppRepository('/tmp/');


Empty repository. Nothing is done here.

$repository = new MockAppRepository();

So what can I do with any of these implementations?

Get Tokens

Add Token

Delete Token

Delete Tokens

Get Indices

Create Index

Reset Index

Check Index

Configure Index

Delete Index

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